COVID & Mental Health

COVID & Mental Health

We want to establish a Claremont Steering Committee to create and deliver a COVID-response evaluation.  No one was expecting a global pandemic that tied us to our homes and closed down our stores, but it did. There are emergency response procedures in place for earthquakes, floods, wildfires, landslides, and windstorms but we lack a comprehensive pandemic action plan. The steering committee would reflect input from the community and deliver mitigation strategies for the city government to review. 

The coronavirus pandemic has shone light on the perils of mental health disorders. High unemployment rates, an increase in single earning households, rent and food insecurity, limited daycare, homeschooling, homebound children, identity and race, children with disabilities feeling cut off, and overdoses by young people have left many families struggling with their mental health. We will take applicable best practices from the Healthy RC initiative in Rancho Cucamonga to formalize communication norms that surface mental health strategies and action-oriented solutions between city schools, the colleges, government officials, mental health experts, and grassroots leaders. The purpose is to strengthen existing mental health programs while inviting a closer collaboration between our public and private institutions for new ones.

The Gold Line expansion, expected to be completed by 2028, will invite additional commerce into the community but could also open the city up to an increased number of homeless people. This can adversely affect our community if we are unable to create a scalable infrastructure that supports our homeless and substance abuse populations. We must work with our city neighbors to ensure they receive the structural support they need to decrease their homeless population. We are in this together. 

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