Meet Michael

About Michael Ceraso.

Hello! My name is Michael Ceraso and I am a candidate for Claremont City Council District 5.

I was raised by a single mother in West Covina who struggled with mental illness and drug addiction, which taught me to empathize with others, and to meet people where they are in their own lives. After my mother passed in 2007, I used the inheritance she left me to volunteer in Iowa for then Senator Barack Obama — an experience that started my career as a community organizer and communications strategist.

I moved to Claremont in 2011 after I enrolled at Pitzer College, where I earned my bachelor's degree in political science. At Pitzer, I volunteered as a student mentor at Uncommon Good, worked with former councilman Joe Lyons and Sam Perdoza to organize the first citywide hackathon, and mentored dozens of students who expressed an interest in government and political work. I founded Winning Margins in 2017, a company that primarily focuses on helping underfunded down ballot candidates in underserved communities compete and win.

I ran for Claremont City Council in 2018, where the Claremont Courier acknowledged my "emphasis on engaging Claremont residents south of the Village."

In 2019, I launched an initiative, Community Groundwork, to educate and provide training to under-served community college students so they have the access to participate and find employment in political and advocacy work. I have been a beat writer for the Claremont Courier for the last six-months, where I have written human interest stories that have highlighted the city's resolve, compassion, and creativity during COVID-19.

I am running for Claremont City Council to protect affordable rent, reimagine community safety, and shape policies that grow and diversify the business sector in the COVID recovery.

Please call me at 626.257.8991 or email me at to learn more about my candidacy and share your ideas for our city.

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